West Virginia School Counselors

“Always Free” is the simple, yet profound state motto of West Virginia and may adequately describe the professional school counseling initiative within its educational system. With a proactive approach to guiding students towards the freedom to learn, school counselors are instrumental in the lives of West Virginia students.

According to the West Virginia School Counseling Model:

“All West Virginia students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their fullest potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.”

By promoting positive attitudes, proper knowledge, and productive skills, school counselors in West Virginia maximize student success and prepare them for a variety of postsecondary opportunities. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure all students in the state have equal access to rigorous academics, college/career opportunities, and social/emotional guidance for a bright and productive future.

What do West Virginia school counselors do?

While the list of school counseling programs and services seem endless, there are a few key things these professionals do. Take a look at a few specific roles school counselors in West Virginia fulfill:

  1. They offer responsive services.

    As unexpected events and situations arise, West Virginia school counselors are prepared to offer responsive services and support. Not only are they ready to respond, they are proactive in educating students and staff to be prepared for crisis and emergency events. School counselors are also equipped to identify everyday issues and challenges that might impede a student’s learning. They guide at-risk students and students with social challenges to help prevent academic set backs. This may include individual and small group counseling, academic and behavior intervention, and consultation with parents or school staff.

  2. They offer college/career guidance and support, as well as point students towards trade school and workforce options.

    With the over-arching goal of supporting every student towards college/career achievement, school counselors remain sensitive to those who aren’t college-bound and simply need resources to help guide them towards trade schools and workforce opportunities. With individualized planning, students and their families get the guidance and support they need to find the best path for the future. This includes matching students with the best colleges and universities for their interests and strengths. It also means guiding students through the financial portion of college readiness and acceptance.

  3. They offer in-class instruction.

    Depending on the particular school climate and culture, school counselors in West Virginia create specialized programs and courses to instruct students regarding higher education, social/emotional issues, bullying prevention, sex education, and more. They assist teachers and faculty to provide engaging and informative classes for the most comprehensive education in their school systems.

  4. They use data-driven, competency-based, and standard-driven assessment.

    West Virginia school counselors evaluate every student based on data and standard-driven assessment. It is their top goal that no student is left behind in their academic pursuits and have equal opportunity to succeed. Counselors assist teachers in implementing these assessments and work hard to take into account the whole child in determining the best course of learning moving forward.

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Why should someone consider becoming a school counselor in West Virginia?

Job Market Trends

West Virginia School Counselor Salary (average) 1


Number of School Counselors Employed 1


Projected employment growth in West Virginia 2

7.9% from 2018 - 2028

1.) May, 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics job market and salary figures for Educational, Guidance and Career Counselors and Advisors represents state data not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed July, 2021.

2.) School Counselor projections data pulled from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections in collaboration with West Virginia State Employment Projections. Data accessed July, 2021.

People who enjoy working with youth, and want to make a difference in the academic and social success of America’s students would most likely thrive in the school counseling profession.

Here are a few reasons why someone should consider becoming a school counselor in West Virginia:

  • School counseling in the “Mountain State” is a good fit for purpose-driven individuals seeking a stable, in-demand career.
  • School counselors are integral parts of the educational system, by acting as liaisons and advocates for students in the school system.

West Virginia school counselors are leaders in their schools and communities, and uphold their “Always Free” motto with every opportunity for students to learn, grow, and succeed.

Contact schools offering school counseling or mental health counseling programs and learn how you can begin a career as a West Virginia School Counselor.

Whether you are from Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Morgantown, or anywhere else across the state, you will find school counseling a highly rewarding and respected career.

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