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Working in the field of education is a self-less and noble act. However, no matter how self-less we are, most of us still need to maintain a certain quality of life to be happy and to perform our best at work.

That being said, let’s do some comparison and research into the school counselor or guidance counselor’s salary.

Most people believe you can either set yourself up for a comfortable retirement, or you can work in education. For school counselors, administrators and even teachers with advanced degrees, this is not the case. The following are examples of school counselor salaries and teaching salaries from various school districts across the country for the 2007-2008 school year.

Central Unified School District – Fresno, California

Step 1

Step 6

School Counselor Salary



Teacher Salary Class I



Dallas Independent School District – Dallas, Texas

Step 1

Step 10

School Counselor Salary



Teacher Salary



New York City District 75 – New York City, New York

Step 1A

10 yr Step

School Counselor MA +30 Salary



Teacher BA +30 Salary



The dirt on School Counseling Salaries

School Counselor or Guidance Counselor salaries are providing many with comfortable lives and a path toward retirement.

In addition, career mobility into higher paying administrative roles is typically a smooth transition. This is seen by many as a result of school counseling preparation programs adapting to the demands of an accountability swamped education system. The educational expertise of school counselors is seen as the key ingredient for future advancement in student achievement.

These changes have lead to the production of school couselors with a greater understanding of management and comprehension of overall school district goals.

Find out how you can begin your career in school counseling. Contact the schools listed below and speak with a school representative who can help you become certified as a school counselor in your state.

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