Virginia School Counselors

It is well-known that Virginia has had a major impact on the course of U.S. history. As Jamestown was the first permanent settlement in the original thirteen colonies, Virginia has been called “the birthplace of a nation”.

Virginia school counselors have also had a major impact on students across the state, as they work hard to solve behavioral, social, and academic problems. They are highly trained to offer academic guidance and support and assist students through the college prep and application process. In Virginia, over 7,000 professionals work as school guidance counselors.

The mission of the Virginia School Counselor Association is to actively promote excellence in the profession of school counseling and to promote advocacy, leadership, accountability, and collaboration. Truly, Virginia school counselors meet this criteria and far-exceed expectation in their professional roles. Virginia students are fortunate to have such liaisons to help guide them towards a positive and productive future.

What do Virginia school counselors do?

School counseling in the United States has evolved to provide students with a comprehensive program that focuses not only on vocational guidance but also on assisting students in the areas of social/emotional counseling and college/career planning.

Here are few key things Virginia school counselors do:

  1. They work in school and community settings to advocate for students and support social justice.

    Virginia school counselors are highly engaged with school administration and community efforts. By standing as advocates for students, they support justice in the areas of social, economical, and academic opportunity. They are a voice for students who have no voice, and a bridge between parents and educators. This role is highly beneficial to ensure all students succeed.

  2. They work to improve instruction through effective reforms and best practices.

    School counselors are not only guides for Virginia students, they are educators as well. They work hard to create inspiring and informative classes to promote best practices and effective reform. Their training is beneficial to both teachers and students, as they are consistently striving to improve education in their school systems.

  3. They equip students for higher learning with knowledge and skills to help them succeed.

    Through college/career readiness programs, and individualized guidance, school counselors equip students for continued learning after high school. Whether it be informing students about certain colleges and universities, or guiding students directly into the workforce, school counselors help every student find the best course of action for their strengths, goals, and interests. Virginia has adopted the nationally accepted structure of career clusters, which is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. This program helps students investigate careers and design their courses of study to advance their future goals.

  4. They help maintain safe learning environments and prepare students and staff for possible crisis events.

    With the ever-growing need for school safety instruction, school counselors lead the way in the effort to educate, inform, and prepare students and staff for possible crisis events. Through in-class teaching and preparedness training, school counselors take seriously the safety of every student.

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Why should someone consider becoming a school counselor in Virginia?

Job Market Trends

Virginia School Counselor Salary (average) 1


Number of School Counselors Employed 1


Projected employment growth in Virginia 2

8.3% from 2018 - 2028

1.) May, 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics job market and salary figures for Educational, Guidance and Career Counselors and Advisors represents state data not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed July, 2021.

2.) School Counselor projections data pulled from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections in collaboration with Virginia State Employment Projections. Data accessed July, 2021.

There are many reasons why someone should consider the school counseling profession, but the top reason is usually the fact that school guidance counselors help guide the next generation towards academic and social success.

Here are few reasons why someone should consider becoming a school counselor in Virginia:

  • The average salary for a Guidance Counselor is $73,590 per year in Virginia.
  • The growing need for school counselors in Virginia indicates job stability and promotion.
  • School counselors help schools accelerate learning and positive student outcomes, which will greatly benefit America’s students.

With more than 7,000 school counseling professionals in Virginia schools, these hard-working experts work tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of students across the state. They have a major impact on students’ social/emotional health, as well as their college/career goals. These professionals are truly valuable and necessary components of a successful educational system.

Contact schools offering school counseling or mental health counseling programs and learn how you can begin a career as a Virginia School Counselor.

Whether you are from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, Newport News, Hampton, Roanoke, or anywhere else across the state, you will find school counseling a highly rewarding and respected career.

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