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The Iowa school counseling career has recently been attracting many educators and career changers. The reasons are many, including Iowa's newly found respect for student psychology expertise, the school counselor's ability to make a great difference in individual students' lives, and greater salaries.

In the '05-'06 school year, Iowa ranked 39th with average teacher salary at $41,083. This number continues to move up, but currently is serving to push more educators and career changers in the school counseling or administrative roles. Iowa school counselors typically earn $5,000 to $10,000 more each year than teachers.

In addition, while many teachers are bogged down with the daily workload of preparation and delivery of curriculum, school counselors are able to focus on core issues effecting learning abilities of those students who are most in need of assistance.

Finally, Iowa is showing their acknowledgement of those who aid in developing new curriculum and new educational programs as well as who are catalysts for positive change in Iowa's public education system. The following is a quote from Governor Culver from a February 12th, 2008 press release regarding the signing of the Allowable Growth Bill:

“What this means, is even in a year of difficult budget decisions, one thing is certain: when we work together, and put partisan politics aside, we can do the right thing for students, parents, and teachers.”

With the onset of more ways to measure accountability, the Iowa school counseling career, as well as other professions that are based on the knowledge of school psychology and breaking down of learning barriers, is poised to see more funding and greater respect for many years to come.

Contact schools offering school counseling or mental health counseling programs and learn how you can begin a career as an Iowa School Counselor.

Whether you are from Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Dubuque or anywhere else across the state, you will find school counseling a highly rewarding and respected career.

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**Some states require completion of a state-approved School Counselor preparation program from a regionally accredited institution in order to be licensed as a school counselor. Capella University is regionally accredited and their School Counseling specialization is state-approved by the Arizona Department of Education. We recommend that you follow up with your state Department of Education (DOE) to determine whether Capella's Arizona- approved School Counseling specialization meets your state's licensure requirements.

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