How to Become a Massachusetts School Counselor

Where are you on your quest to become a Massachusetts School Counselor?

Explore the information below and learn how you can become a school counselor in Massachusetts. Some of the information below may be subject to change. In order to make sure you have the most current information, please feel free to contact your school counseling education program advisor or contact the Massachusetts Department of Education licensing department at (781) 338-6600.

I’m a High School Graduate…

To become a Massachusetts school counselor, you will need to complete a bit more education. However, don’t be dismayed. You are in a fantastic situation to learn more about the Massachusetts school counseling career.

Through mentoring opportunities and volunteering or working in a school, you will quickly learn whether school counseling is for you. In the meantime, you should request information from schools offering associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees. These are educational credentials that open doors to a wide array of career opportunities in addition to school counseling.

The following are recommended steps toward learning whether Massachusetts school counseling is the right path for you and toward earning post-secondary education credentials:

Step One:

Gather information from schools offering associate degree programs or bachelor degree programs in psychology, counseling or any type of program you are currently interested in. It is not imperative you enroll in a counseling program at this point. The only necessity is that you begin earning your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.

Step Two:

A great way to find out if you are interested in a social service type of career, like school counseling, is to find volunteering organizations who work with children or young adults. The following are links to organizations who can place you in volunteering positions across the state of Massachusetts:

Finally, don’t be afraid to jump in feet first. This is the only way to really get the ball rolling. You will meet new, exciting people, learn how you like working with student aged individuals, and develop long-lasting friendships. So, get out there, start volunteering and begin your journey toward earning your next level of education.

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I have already earned a college degree…

The following are the steps necessary for earning your school counseling certification in Massachusetts:

Step One:

You will need to fulfill the following educational requirement:

Step Two:

Make sure your counseling program provides the required subject matter knowledge. The subject matter knowledge requirements can be found on the MDOE website.

Step Three:

Typically offered through your school counseling program, you will need to complete a 450 clock hour practicum experience in an educational setting.

Step Four:

You will need to successfully complete an educator licensing examination offered through the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure organization. You will need to have a passing score on the Communication and Literacy Skills Test.

Step Five:

You can apply for certification through the Massachusetts Department of Education online application process.

Step Six:

Contact the Massachusetts Department of Education to make sure you are doing everything you need to be doing in order to earn your Massachusetts School Counseling certification in the most efficient manner possible: (781) 338-6600

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I’m a certified counselor from another state…

Massachusetts recognizes school counseling certifications of other states. However, you will still need to have your credentials evaluated in order to make sure your qualifications are comparable to Massachusetts school counselor certification requirements.

Contact the Massachusetts Department of Education to find out which license you qualify for and what procedures are necessary for verifying experience and current certification. (781) 338-6600

Click on Licensure Help on this webpage to read more about requirements for earning you Massachusetts school counselor certification.

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