Alabama School Counselor Salary

Typically, Alabama school counselors will earn a higher salary than teachers working in the same school. Similar to teachers, however, is the school counselor’s ability to increase their salaries with the acquisition of further education and may also supplement their income by working over the summer months.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics is where we have acquired our salary statistics for counselors in Alabama. While a wonderful resource for statistics across the country, the BLS has failed to create such targeted salary statistics for school counselors in the state of Alabama. However, they do offer salary statistics for all educational, vocational and school counselors in the state.

So, you should be able to confidently approximate the Alabama School Counseling salary by adding $5,000 to $7,000 to the Alabama salary statistics for all educational, vocational and school counselor salaries.

National Counselor Salaries*

School Counselors


Educational, Vocational and School Counselors


Alabama Counselor Salaries*

Alabama School Counselors


Alabama Educational, Vocational and School Counselors


Alabama School Counselor Salaries by city**

Anniston, AL School Counselor Salary


Birmingham, AL School Counselor Salary


Columbus, AL School Counselor Salary


Decatur, AL School Counselor Salary


Dothan, AL School Counselor Salary


Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL School Counselor Salary


Huntsville, AL School Counselor Salary


Mobile, AL School Counselor Salary


Montgomery, AL School Counselor Salary


Tuscaloosa, AL School Counselor Salary


*Statistics are from the BLS May 2006 surveys

**City school counselor salary statistics were for originally for all educational, vocational, and school counselors. The approximate difference of $6,000 between all educational, vocational and school counselors and only school counselors nationwide is added to the city salary statistics to approximate city school counselor salaries.

When examining these salaries, remember to include the high quality benifits such as retirement, health care, dental care and the fact that you will only be working 9 months out of the year for these numbers.

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