Individual Counseling in a School Setting

School Couselors possess man skills to aid in their versatility in schools.

Individual student counseling is a skill that has proven to be highly effective in schools. Counselors employ their expertise by identifying student problems as well as resolving these problems using established counseling methods.

After an individual counseling session in a school setting, the counselor may find the issue beyond their expertise and would then find the most appropriate next action is to refer the student to other support staff or to professionals not employed by the school.

School counselors need to at times use their own discretion in this area, or simply abide by school policies, state law or federal law. For example, if it appears a particular student has suicidal tendencies, the counselor is required by law to notify authorities.

The following are some common issues school counselors may discuss with students:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Identity issues
  • Body image
  • Difficulty creating and developing healthy relationships
  • Abuse
  • Cultural issues

For counselors to confidently provide individual counseling in a school setting, they should have training in mental health counseling and formal education in the field of psychology.

Dealing with student mental health issues promptly and properly can result in the avoidance of much pain and suffering for the student and in some cases the avoidance of physical injury upon the afflicted child/student or upon the student’s peers if there is a potential for outward violence.

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