Human Growth and Development

Much of what school counselors do is based on guidelines dictated by human growth and development. Counselors and other professional educators involved with the creation of curriculum and educational programs use their knowledge of student developmental stages to help optimize overall student achievement.

The idea behind the understanding of student growth and development can be easily understood through recognizing the diversity between high school students’ conversations and elementary students’ conversations. Based on various mental and physical stages of development, students’ capacities to learn and interact vary greatly throughout primary and secondary schooling.

The basics of human growth and development can be thought of as the foundation for understanding student psychology and for the creation of counseling programs. The newly recognized importance of school counselors lies within the boundaries of this notion.

In order to successfully alter student motivation or achievement, educators need to understand mental developments leading to current achievement levels. Only then can an educator be confident achievement levels will rise as the result of altered educational procedures.

Internet Resources for Human Growth and Development

  • Tufts Human Growth and Development Spring 2006 Course
    • Tufts University is part of the Opencourseware Consortium. This particular course outlines the necessity of understanding human growth and development ideas. Topics and ideas are explained through course notes and links to various theories such as Piaget and studies in the field.
  • JHSPH – Adolescent Health and Development
    • JHSPH or John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is also part of the Opencourseware Consortium and is providing an introduction, syllabus and course materials for their Adolescent Health and Development course for free online.
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