Florida School Counselors

Why are so many educators and career changers being drawn to the Florida school counseling career?

In a January 8th, 2008 press release, Commissioner of Education Eric J. Smith was quoted saying the following regarding Education Week's ranking of Florida as the 14th best state for public education:

“Florida has made tremendous improvements throughout the early childhood benchmarks... By implementing newly created programs, such as the Go Higher! Task Force, we will begin to see improvements transitioning students into college or the workforce.”

Florida is patting themselves on the back for the their newly found rise in the ranks of public education. However, they are not stopping there. Emphasis will continue to be placed on the programs and efforts that has brought Florida where it is today.

This is one strong reason why many of the best and brightest in Florida are beginning careers as Florida school counselors. More resources and support are backing the expertise of school counselors than ever before. As the results of programs and curriculum that has been created with the aid of contemporary learning theories continues to be positive, support of Florida school counselors and psychologists will continue to be strong.

In addition, Florida's average teaching salary in the '05-'06 school year ranked 11th at $54,264. Florida school counselors will typically be paid $5,000 to $10,000 more a year than teachers, making this 9-month a year job look even more attractive.

Contact schools offering school counseling or mental health counseling programs and learn how you can begin a career as a Florida School Counselor.

Whether you are from Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale or anywhere else across the state, you will find the school counseling career a highly rewarding and respected career.

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**Some states require completion of a state-approved School Counselor preparation program from a regionally accredited institution in order to be licensed as a school counselor. Capella University is regionally accredited and their School Counseling specialization is state-approved by the Arizona Department of Education. We recommend that you follow up with your state Department of Education (DOE) to determine whether Capella's Arizona- approved School Counseling specialization meets your state's licensure requirements.

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